The Quilted Hart


Join Jamie and explore all feather forms including traditional, non-traditional, and stylized. Then discover how to use these options in allovers, and any custom shapes you run into in your client and personal quilts. This class is exclusively dedicated to feather work. If you’ve wanted to learn and apply a myriad of new, as well as classic feather styles, then this is the class for you! This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm or Hand Quilters

Cost: $ 80.00
This Feathers Class takes the frond and spine to the next level. Join Jamie as he teaches advanced Blocks, Sashes, Borders and more. He will also show you the new evolution in Feathers. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone and evolve with quiltings best loved motif. You will want to have basic feather theory before this class.

Quilters can find as much diversity in surface quilting with florals as there is with feathers. “Mystical Florals” covers florals, leaves, and vine variations that will make your quilts take root in creativity. You will learn a myriad of designs using these elements for your customer and personal quilting and apply them to edge-to-edge, custom blocks, border, and sash designs. This class applies to all levels of Long-arm, Mid-arm, Short-arm or Hand Quilters.

Join Jamie as he demonstrates his favorite rulers. From basic to more specific applications he will show you how to put those handy tools to work and save time.


Cost: $ 45.00
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